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Building automation

Smolna 40 tenement house


System: Vision BMS

Kontrahent: Budizol Sp. z o.o.

Typ projektu: Business

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Smolna 40 is a unique, pre-war tenement house located in the center of Warsaw, at Charles de Gaulle Roundabout. Its unique character lies in a combination of classic – pre-war architecture with modern and smart elements – building management using the Vision BMS system. The tenement house is used as an office-service building and meets the requirements for an A+ class building. 


BREEM certificate is planned to be obtained for the building, which defines the best practices in the field of sustainable design, construction and use of buildings. The certification includes i.e.: internal environment quality, energy efficiency, transport availability, materials and design, functional and execution management, water and waste management – namely all elements, in which Vision BMS supports building management.




The system implemented at the tenement house allowed integration of smart automation, improved security, prestige of the rented space and made settlements with tenants easier for the owner. The used solutions included security measures (CCTV cameras, warning signals, Burglary and Assault Signaling System, fire-fighting system, passage monitoring), control of lighting and utility monitoring (water, gas, electricity) as well as parking lot management, a sound system and an intercom system, as well as the infrastructure of conference room and emergency power supply.

A centrally managed, automated parking lot was designed for the building – the car is left on a platform and a machine will park it automatically.




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