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Building automation

Grójecka Offices


System: Nazca
Customer: OKRE Development
Project type: Business

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Problem of inwestor: How to manage efficiently a multi-storey office building with an area of 7400 m2?




The comprehensive implementation of the Nazca system allows you to control the most important building parameters from one place, increase convenience/security and minimize expenses on the media.





Grójecka Offices is a modern "A" class office building combining modern architecture with stylish design. 8 storeys, 7400 m2 of usable space, 134 parking spaces and a central location on the capital's map make this place an ideal space for business development.

To facilitate the management of the building, increase the security and ease of settlements with tenants, we installed the Nazca system in it. APA Group platform in one place coordinated control of the most important building parameters and significantly improve the flow of information.

Two people have been appointed to care for the system, who control their basic parameters on a daily basis through an intuitive operator station.

As part of the system, you can control the lighting of the entire facility individually or in groups, in manual or automatic mode according to the schedule. The operator has access to the most important information on ventilation, air conditioning, heating and cooling (HVAC) - including parameters such as: values ​​of individual temperatures, damper condition, filter contamination status, pump operation status, etc.

Operation of fans, air handling units and air conditioners and fan coil units also the cold node presents individually prepared visualization.

Additional functionality is the diagnostic part in which it is possible to monitor the status of individual system components. Signals indicate the current status of elements thanks to appropriate colors and text messages.

In addition, an overview of the alarm history in the alarm log facilitates their respective filtering function.

In addition to the HVAC parameters (heating, ventilation, air conditioning), Nazca also provides information on the work and state of the pumping stations and hydrophores - apart from the individual devices, information about the operating status and possible equipment failure is also displayed.

In addition, the connection of meters allowed to view the current consumption of media on individual devices for measurements of: heat, water and energy. The system also allows observation of the operating status of all elevators in the building.




The implementation of the Nazca system in the whole building does not only make it easier to work with technical support, but also takes care of the comfort of the tauts by extending the fan coil units and the VAV ventilation system to their offices. So far, three floors of tenants have been completed - 63 fan coils.







  • Manual or automatic lighting control of the entire facility.
  • HVAC control and monitoring (heating, ventilation, air conditioning).
  • Observation of elevators in the building.
  • Overview of alarm history and their proper filtration.
  • Preview of current consumption of media on individual devices for measurements of: heat, water and energy.

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