A team of world-class engineers.

The APA world-class team of engineers is a group of creative professionals who develop and implement the latest solutions in the field of intelligent automation in the area of everyday life. At the center of our activities is always a man and his needs.




APA was founded in 2001. From the beginning of its activity, it has been guided by one goal - to make technology more human-friendly. We started with technological design for industrial automation systems. The main area of activity was servicing automotive companies and providing safe control solutions.



In 2003, the company already consisted of a team of several specialists. The main recipient of services was VW Poznań. However, the company also carried out projects on the international market, e.g. in China. Products created by our engineers combined the highest technology with above-average application solutions.



At the turn of 2004 and 2005, APA expanded its current operations to include the IT Department and began work on its proprietary building automation program (Vision BMS intelligent building system). From that moment, the company's activity went in two directions, until 2007, when the constant need to develop and meet larger projects resulted in a change in the form of the organization. APA sp. z o.o. was founded giving employment a group of over 50 engineers.



The continuous development of the team of specialists and the desire to increase the quality of services offered contributed to the transfer in 2008 to the new headquarters, which the company occupies to this day. The modern building housed a trade office, office rooms, designer studios, a robotics laboratory, as well as a showroom - a demonstration room of the Vision BMS system. Along with the creation of the new headquarters, we have also been thriving globally, establishing contacts in such places as: USA, Mexico, China, Great Britain, Serbia and many others.



For us, 2013 was another breakthrough year and the beginning of work on the next headquarters. The assumption is to be "the most intelligent building in Poland" - controlled of course by our production system. The quality of solutions used at the facility is to both reflect the level of APA's research and development as well as illustrate the model implementation of the product.



In the following years, we were introducing an ever wider range of services related to industrial automation. We have completed several dozen projects using the Vision BMS system, building business relationships with global technology giants, such as: Philips, Samsung, Canon.



We try to act globally (e.g. a project for Tesla in Palo Alto), but think locally and be responsible for the immediate environment. APA is a member of the Silesian Association of Construction Employers (as an association we have the opportunity to influence the economic policy of the region), sponsors the "Skoczek" Chess Club, is a member of the Polish Green Building Association, aimed at supporting the construction sector in Poland by promoting and implementing the principle of triple responsibility: environmental, social and economic. We also take part in technological education, cooperating with the Silesian University of Technology and the Częstochowa University of Technology (talks with the Rzeszów University of Technology are underway (a letter of intent has been signed). At the Silesian University of Technology, we co-created the Intelligent Industrial Infrastructure Laboratory, where students will be able to learn about the latest BMS solutions.



Four years after the idea of APA Black House was born, the vision becomes a reality. Probably the "most intelligent home" in Poland opens solemnly in May and enjoys great interest from the media and our business partners, who from that moment can use its intelligent capabilities. Our new headquarters becomes a living and functional laboratory in which we incorporate the idea of APA Smart and test the latest solutions of the Internet of Things. The new headquarters is not everything, however, the attention of APA experts is absorbed by our new flagship Nazca system - used for comprehensive management and optimization of industrial processes and building automation. The APA laboratories also produce Nazca BOX for moderation of electricity consumption and Room Reservation System - improving business meetings and booking office space. For the first time, we participate in one of the largest new technologies fairs dedicated to Industrie 4.0 and automation - Hannover Messe. The image of an innovator and a company that shares knowledge and inspires others is to strengthen an innovative platform with new technologies - APA Lab.



Cooperation with the academic community is resulting in a new project on the border between science and business. The Leonardo Lab intelligent laboratory is created, created in cooperation with the Silesian University of Technology. The modern laboratory space is to investigate the impact of accident injuries on the spine, create robots that will help medical staff care for patients, develop technological solutions for rehabilitators, and improve warning systems for hospitals. The laboratory is awarded during the "Investment Forum" congress. Further development of the APA Group is also the new headquarters on Tarnogórska Street in Gliwice (already the third) and the establishment of the New Technologies Department dealing with pioneering projects. APA also receives several prestigious awards, including Innovation Titan from KUKA (for implementing innovative welding projects used in bus production) and distinction in the Innowator Śląska Competition. EU subsidies allow us to implement two ambitious projects, namely: "Development of advanced energy optimization platform for buildings cooperating with the BMS system in accordance with ISO 50001 by advanced R&D works" and "Distributed Energy Management Systems and Virtual Power Plant using Ice Warehouse network" .



Technologies Department is launched, in which we develop innovative projects co-financed from EU funds. Among them was IPOE - an innovative electricity management system in which data on energy consumption is stored in the internet cloud. We have also created an innovative telecare system for the elderly - TeleCura - remote monitoring enables quick response to threats. The year 2019 also brought new solutions in the field of cybersecurity - we are talking about the pioneering Cyberuslabs system, which changes the approach to secure login in the network.

New technology projects are not everything. Our group has increased by new employees (we have exceeded the number of 100 employees). We are expanding our reach to foreign markets, resulting in the creation of the APA Benelux company.

Silesia is an incubator of new technologies. We are all the more proud that we have become a part of the Silesian Cluster of the Internet of Things (SINOTAIC) - a project combining science, business and administration. We work synergistically to develop solutions that facilitate everyday functioning.

We have been awarded three prestigious awards (Innovator of Silesia 2019, Polish Innovation Award 2019, President of Visionary 2019 - Polish Intelligent Development Award) and two nominations (Man of the Gliwice Earth 2019 for Artur Pollak; NOW POLAND edition 2019 - for the company's flagship product, NAZCA).



The difficult year of 2020 proved to be a very developmental year for the APA Group. Over the past few months, we have responded dynamically to the environment. We were one of the initiators of the autonomous assistive system in infectious diseases hospitals, in cooperation with the Silesian University of Technology and KUKA. We hope that in the future our assistive robot will be implemented in many Polish health care facilities that struggle with staff shortages.

We believe in science. That is why we are happy to make our technology available to support the education of future engineers. We decided to sign a cooperation agreement with EMT-Systems, which additionally provides training know-how.

This year, we continued research on one of the most innovative products in our portfolio - NAZCA 4.0. This comprehensive automation management and optimization application has taken the next level of laboratory verification. As part of the project, the concept of a transport and welding station was created as part of the Industry 4.0 Technology Testing Center.

Today, our solutions are valued by experts, which has resulted in awards such as "Teraz Polska". During the 30th anniversary edition of the competition, our building automation process management and optimization platform Nazca 2.8 was highlighted. We are proud of this, because among the awarded were the best entrepreneurs in our country. The good news quickly reached the Presidential Palace. This year the technology showroom of APA Black House was visited by Andrzej Duda, President of Poland.

All these successes could not have happened if it was not for our team. Therefore, our greatest achievement is that we have also proved to be a safe haven in times of uncertainty, keeping existing jobs and hiring new employees.



The year 2021, while still hampered by the pandemic, was an extraordinary year for us as we celebrated APA Group's 20th anniversary. We celebrated our anniversary in style by inviting partners and contractors to embark on an extraordinary digital journey through two decades of business. On a specially created interactive calendar page we showed how the development of APA connects to how the world has changed. And after all, so much has changed in those twenty years. 

However, we are not resting on our laurels. That's why this year we launched the Industry 4.0 Technology Testing Center. Since December 10 it has been operating in Gliwice Science and Technology Centre CECHOWNIA. It is a unique showroom where you can experience working with a production line based on IoT, machine learning or AI tools, among others.  

While travel to faraway places still doesn't look the same as it did before the pandemic broke out, we are taking advantage of the opportunities that are available. And we're not stopping even in the face of some inconveniences, determined to grow our brand on our home continent and beyond. 

In 2021 we visited Dubai. More than once, in fact. Among other things, in September, at the BIG5 trade show, the largest event of its kind to promote the engineering industry technologies in this part of the world. Our ties with the Middle East metropolis also include participation in the Polish-Arab Economic Forum on December 6. What did we learn during these visits? For example, the fact that the capital of the United Arab Emirates doesn't actually talk about technology, it basically uses it. This is a very useful lesson for us that we hope to learn as much as possible from in the context of our products. But our Dubai adventure is still on. Next year we plan to appear with our solutions at the Middle East Energy Fair in March. There's more to come! 

We are convinced that APA's two remarkable decades are just the beginning of the journey into the world of reality-changing technology. Thanking our great team, as well as our partners and customers, we enthusiastically enter 2022.



In 2022, cooperation with the Middle East market resulted in multiple trips. We presented our smart solutions at the Silesian Days in Dubai, and also represented APA at the Foreign Economic Mission in Abu Dhabi.

Our activities related to the UAE market also included organizing the "Fly with us to Dubai" contest, where students had a chance to win a trip to Dubai and the Museum of the Future.

The end of 2022 set high expectations for us. Over the past months, we have responded dynamically to the situation and changes in the market. We have placed special emphasis on cooperation with Local Government Units and raising awareness of energy efficiency.

We believe that our actions and hard work will result in many successes in the next year.

They trusted us