Increase the safety and flow of logistics processes

Logistics is a dynamic environment full of variables. Go for the modern Nazca platform and gain control over the entire process; receive all necessary data and minimise unnecessary time, money and output losses.


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Ensure smooth operation

Gone are downtimes, queues and a full buffer parking. Use the tools that enable you to monitor the loading process and facilitate the work of both your employees and third parties.

Easy access to key information

Intuitive, easy to master system, facilitating the work of both warehouse managers and third parties taking or delivering goods. The system works on PCs, mobile devices and offline.

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Notification and data input

  • The dispatcher inputs the data into a computer system, choosing an available loading / unloading window in the delivery schedule.
  • Data from the notification system and information on the driver and the vehicle are imported into Nazca system.
  • Nazca system saves the downloaded data in order to further analyse them.

Arrival verification

  • The Nazca solution reads the registration plates of the truck and the trailer.
  • The driver scans the documents.
  • The system verifies the data and continues the procedure.
  • The vehicle is automatically weighed and the data are transferred to the Nazca platform.

Entrance authorisation and dock specification

  • The Nazca system has successfully verified the data.
  • The driver is on time and is allowed to pull up to the loading dock – the barrier opens and the light turns green.
  • The display indicates the hall to which the driver should head to.

Redirection to the parking

    • In the event of an unsuccessful verification (the vehicle has arrived outside of its loading window, incorrect registration plates or driver data), the system redirects the vehicle to a buffer parking.
    • The driver can communicate with the dispatcher through an intercom and receive a manual entry approval in case of an emergency.

Buffer parking

      • While waiting for the entrance, the vehicle is directed to a buffer parking.
      • The driver can use the waiting room and the interactive kiosk, allowing them to check their status in the entry approval queue.
      • The driver will receive an SMS upon being granted the entry approval.

Automatic loading

    • Reading the registration plates and transferring the data from Nazca to loading automation.
    • Automatic palletisation and loading.
    • Verification of correctness of the load.
    • Even distribution of the load in the trailer.
    • Automatic generation of shipping documents.

Release of goods

  • The system displays the registration plate number over a loading ramp – thus allowing for swift and comfortable loading.
  • The system verifies and informs about the vehicle being parked.
  • Upon finishing the loading, the systems sends an information about the vehicle being loaded together with a dispatch approval.
  • Nazca automatically generates the goods issue document.

Vehicle departure

  • The system verifies the registration plates with the dispatch information.
  • If the information are correct, the barrier is opened and the vehicle may leave.
  • Information about the vehicle leaving the company premises is sent to the notification system.
  • The vehicle is weighed in order to verify the load.

Analysis and reporting

  • The solution offers a great range of reporting possibilities.
  • Views, elements and parameters are individually adapted to the User and his/hers position.
  • Advanced analysis helps to foresee any downtimes and increased demand for processing capacity.

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