Smart City

Let's measure the pulse of the city.

We are obsessed with measuring. We regularly check the number of steps, kilometers traveled, the length of the pool, repetitions performed at the gym. We monitor our body's activity because we want to live better, more efficiently and healthier. We should do the same with cities, because ... they are also organisms, only driven by electricity.



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Elements of Smart City are to indicate on the city map places that use too much energy and present the life cycle of individual objects. He can analyze the operation of intelligent lighting, electric cars, public parking lots and transport systems. And besides, introduce huge savings to city budgets.

We already have all the necessary tools and technologies that will allow you to check the electronic pulse of the city and manage energy more wisely. We cannot afford to mismanage it and over-consume it at a time when our whole life is dependent on it. Work, school, everyday life.

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Smart management of urban space

  • Waterworks, sewage, lighting, grid, etc.
  • Self-adjusting to current conditions (season, sunlight and traffic intensity, etc.)
  • Smart lighting.
  • Data gathering in real time.
  • Noise intensity monitoring.
  • Traffic intensity monitoring.
  • Air pollution monitoring.
  • CO2 emissions reduction.
  • Smart transport system.

Smart Energy Optimisation Platform

  • Allows for definition of cost-generation hot spots.
  • Controls the use of contracted amounts.
  • Allows for transfer of utilities between units, e.g. car charging stations.
  • Reduction of orders for particular utilities.
  • Avoidance of fees for exceeding the use.
  • Verification of modernisation effects.
  • Tracking of costs of particular facilities and entire areas/districts.
  • CGP definition.
  • Preparation of conclusions and guidelines, one easy to maintain central system.

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