Automation and robotics

Delivery of automated technological lines.

All APAIndustry departments complement each other during project activities on many levels, thanks to which we can offer our clients comprehensive technological solutions at the highest level competing with the world's leading companies in the field of industrial automation.

Thus, we provide streamlining and greater control of production. Industrial automation equipment is a solution that enables not only cost optimization, but also maintaining the quality standard and failure-free production.


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Industry automation

The services provided by APAIndustry include a wide range of industrial automation works. Our main area of works are services concerned with robotisation of manufacturing stations, integration of robotics in existing systems and optimisation of manufacturing processes.


The Robotics department offer includes a wide range of services aimed to fulfil special needs of clients, concerned with commissioning, modernisation, optimisation and development of robotised manufacturing lines and of independent robots.


The Electrical department offer includes a wide range of services aimed to fulfil highly specific needs of clients, concerned with design, construction and modification of low voltage electrical systems (up to 1 kV).

IT / Scada

SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) is a software used for gathering of data concerning a controlled process and storing them in a central database. These data may be used for management and control.


The Electronics department provides services in the scope of designing and manufacturing of electronic devices. Moreover, we conduct development works, allowing for the introduction of state-of-the-art technologies in products for both individual and business clients.


APA Industry has a modern design office, using cutting-edge design tools. Solid, hybrid and metal elements modelling, preparation of 2D documentations and assemblies are the main tasks of this department. The solid modelling allows for the creation of products from concepts, through detailing, up to final documentation.

Industrial automation is the core of our business and includes a wide range of works related to the improvement of production processes. The main area of work are services related to robotization of production cells and integration of robots into existing systems, which allows, among others, to increase the efficiency of the company and optimize production costs. We effectively implement computer-based industrial automation systems in companies and institutions all over the world.

Many years of experience in industrial automation of companies and automation of production lines allows us to implement advanced projects with an individual approach to each customer. We use unique and proprietary technological solutions, thanks to which automation in industry reaches new heights. We are a trustworthy business partner for whom reliability of implemented systems is the key goal - we assume that industrial robotics should make work easier.  

We implement industrial automation systems and components to make technology more accessible for all employees. We also apply custom solutions, making production processes reach a new, previously unknown level; at the same time, we always care about maximum functionality and intuitiveness of the introduced technologies. Choose the best industrial automation equipment available on the market while providing scalable solutions that enable continuous growth. This ensures that our projects are rooted in the real needs of the companies we work with. All this is possible thanks to many years of experience in the field of industrial automation of companies.


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