Firma Dobrze Widziana

For social commitment and realizing the idea of corporate social responsibility

Golden Laurel of Skills and Competence

In the Science and Innovation category

European Medal Edition XXXIII

Award for NAZCA platform

WNP competition "The Best of Industry 4.0"

Award for NAZCA 4.0 platform in the "Technology" category

12th edition of the "Marka-Śląskie" competition

Award for CEO Artur Pollak in the "Personality of the Year" category

24th Polish Product of the Future competition

Special prize of the Minister of Development and Technology for the IPOE project

24th Polish Product of the Future competition

Special prize for an ICT product for the IPOE project

Good Company 2022

Winner of the competition Good Company 2022 in the category Best Innovator organized by the Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers.

WNP Award 2022

An award for business and educational activity that supports the use of Industry 4.0 solutions and broadens the competences of Polish entrepreneurs.

Grand Prix - Polish Innovation Award 2020/2021

Innovation Diamond

Innovation of the Year: Industry

Artur Pollak Meritorious for the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering

Diament Top Industry

Technology leader

Business Reliability Certificate

Awarded for the company's highest stability rating in 2019

Creditform Reliability Certificate

It confirms the good payment capacity of the company

Reliable company

The certificate of reliability confirms the honesty, timeliness and credibility of the company

Made In Poland 2020

An economic distinction for companies driven by the idea of economic patriotism

Polish Innovation Award 2019

Handed during the Polish Congress of Entrepreneurship, the largest business and economic event in Poland

Innovator of Silesia 2019

Award for the APA Black House technology showroom

Polish Intelligent Development Award

In the Visionary CEO category, for exemplary company management, based on an innovative approach to processes and products

Innovation Titan from KUKA

Justification: “for the execution of innovative welding projects used in manufacturing of buses”

Distinction in the “Innovator of Silesia” Competition

“Innovator of Silesia” Competition, organised by the Upper Silesian Agency for Entrepreneurship and Development Sp. z o.o.

Leonardo Lab wins the “Investment Diamond” award

Intelligent laboratory Leonardo Lab, created by APA Group in cooperation with the Silesian University of Technology, has been awarded during the “Investment Forum” congress.

Intelligent Home Fairs – Best Expo

3–5 March 2017 APA Group has been given the main award in the category “Best Expo”, i.e. the best expo stand

Silesian Construction Award 2016

In the Silesian Construction competition, promoting the investment and industry attractiveness of the Silesian Voivodeship

Product of the Year 2015

Mlan 1000 awarded as the Product of the Year 2015 in the category “Construction Automation Elements” by the readers of the “Inteligentny Budynek” magazine

Best Idea 2014

Best Idea 2014 Diploma – distinction for an innovative presentation on Smart Home 2014 fairs

Business Reliability Certificate 2014

Business Reliability Certificate D-U-N-S:522982529 of 2014

Product of the Year 2014

Product of the Year 2014 Diploma for the Vision BMS system, awarded by the “Inteligentny Budynek” magazine

Innovator of Silesia

Certificate no. 13-10/rc/2011. The competition is aimed at promotion of innovations implemented by companies from Silesian Voivodeship

Business Reliability Certificate 2013

Business Reliability Certificate D-U-N-S:522982529 of 2013

Polish Council of Shopping Centres Certificate 2013

Polish Council of Shopping Centres is the biggest organisation of companies concerned with shopping centres and streets in Poland

Business Reliability Certificate 2012

Business Reliability Certificate D-U-N-S:522982529 of 2012

Polish Master of Alarm Technology

Polish Master of Alarm Technology – First place in the “Integrated Hazard Alarming Systems” category on 23 March 2010

Polish Master of Alarm Technology

Distinction in the “Polish Master of Alarm Technology 2016” competition named after Włodzimierz Kuczkowski in the category “Integrated Hazard Alarming Systems”.

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