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At APA Group, we believe that business, technology and corporate social responsibility can go hand in hand. Learn about the initiatives we have taken to help and change the reality around us for the better.

Passion at full throttle


Last year we touched upon our energy specialist’s, Mariusz Glanc’s, thrilling passion. And now, our company has become the main sponsor of the SimRacing league in which our employee is taking part. For the participants of the virtual races, we have prepared amazing prizes. The qualification for the final round will be broadcast live. We are delighted to endorse extraordinary interests, especially when it comes to our employees' hobbies. Looking forward to seeing Mariusz in action!

Our support


Our company has provided support to the 'Pracownia' foundation (Fundacja Pracownia), which is currently transforming the Ukraine Support Center (Punkt Wsparcia Ukrainy) in Gliwice into a Residential Facility (Punkt Mieszkalny). We have donated our Elodia IT system and phone sets to aid communication and enable humanitarian assistance management for the Ukrainian refugees.

Peter's hobby (or hobbit) game 2022


March 25th is World Tolkien Reading Day.
On this occasion we would like to introduce you to Piotr, a great manager of APA and Polish Middle-Earth SBG Team Champion. Listen to the story about the battle game set in Middle-earth, the world created by J.R.R. Tolkien. See the VIDEO. Building a community with many passions translates into the continuous broadening of our horizons, which in turn positively affects other employees and customers of the company.
The game was played in one of APA's headquarters. Nobody said that an industrial showroom cannot be a battlefield :-)

The Centre for Industry 4.0 at the Silesian University of Technology


Strategic Partner of CI40SUT
The Centre for Industry 4.0 at the Silesian University of Technology is a mechanism that allows students to acquire competences needed for future jobs. We are proud to have become the Strategic Partner of this venture. Thanks to this, students will be able to benefit from the intellectual and hardware resources of APA, and we will gain access to profiled staff. As you can see, together with the Silesian University of Technology, we are looking for the best solutions and development paths on a win-win basis.



We play green
For 40 years, each subsequent decade has been warmer than the previous one. At APA, we strongly believe that green technologies can repair our world, therefore we went to the 4 Design Days fair in Katowice with the message #GREENREINVENTED. Do you know what this means to us? What can it mean for you? SEE THE VIDEO

Noble Gift


We take part in the Noble Gift project
This is the first time that, on the initiative of our employees, we took up the #NobleGift challenge in the Apa team, but we already know that it won't be the last time! The team's involvement resulted in a set of 20 packages for one of the local families, which were delivered during the so-called Weekend of Miracles. We hope that the gift packages will make everyday life of the recipient family a little easier.

Women of APA


The Most Powerful Women of APA
The technology industry is not only about men. They are women working in many areas of the organization, possessing interdisciplinary competences and showing incredible success. We believe that the fair sex is far too rarely mentioned in industrial and technological sectors. Therefore, the more we appreciate and introduce our colleagues from work: LINK.

Socios Silesia and OCR Training Center - Gliwice


Sports rivalry, highest goals and professionalism of actions
When implementing business actions, we remember about our closest surroundings. We support local initiatives, including one of the largest and fastest obstacle teams in the country - Socios Silesia. This is a group of OCR enthusiasts from different parts of Silesia, who meet regularly for team training in the OCR Training Center - Gliwice, not far from our company. They compete in national and international competitions, Polish, European and World Championships, representing national as well as team colors.

At APA we believe that sport is a very important part of life; it helps shape character and influences the professionalism that we display in all our activities.

Trips for children in APA Group


Trips for children in APA Group
In APA Group, we care about everyone being able to find himself in the field of developing technology and industry, that is why our doors are always open, even for those of the youngest. We try to inspire polish youth of the new technology world, who maybe in the future will contribute to create automated area. In one of our headquarters - Black House, you can admire how an intelligent building management system can make your everyday life easier. We encourage all of our workers to invite their families to visit this amazing place, and especially their children and tell in own words what their job is in APA and what impact they have on the future of technology.


Silesia Marathon


APA Group in Silesia Marathon
While promoting new technologies, we don't forget to promote sports and a healthy lifestyle. We willingly and often take part in promotional actions connected with popularization of sport. This year, three daredevils from our team took part in the half marathon and the Silesia Run marathon. By spreading the prevailing trend of sportsmanship, we take pride in working together to change the society around us for the better.


Poland Business Run


We run and help!
As APA, we are happy to participate in charitable events which support people with disabilities, so this year we once again took part in the Poland Business Run. The satisfaction from being able to add another brick to help people with mobility dysfunctions is enormous. The charity run also combines business with pleasure, as the relay is a great form of teamwork, which in turn is the foundation of fruitful business activities.


SKOCZEK Chess Club


APA Group supports the SKOCZEK Chess Club
"My dad also played chess when he was little and he infected me with this passion..." says one of the participants of the Polish Junior Team Championships, at which we had the opportunity to record the following footage. We cheered because APA Group is not only modern solutions, but most of all it is people. We believe that their passions and interests make them even better employees. That is why we have been supporting the Skoczek Czerwionka chess club for several years. All thanks to Rafał - one of our employees, who is a co-founder and leader of this initiative. Thanks to him we can proudly observe sport successes of the competitors wearing the colours of APA and SKOCZEK. See the video.

We support the passions of our employees


We support the passions of our employees
Our unquestionable advantage is not only expert knowledge, but also passion and commitment of our employees. That is why, as APA Group, we are happy to support them in developing their non-work hobbies and interests. One of these is SimRacing, virtual races that simulate real motorsports.
Building a community with many passions translates into continually expanding our horizons, which in turn benefits other employees and the company's customers.

Art patronage of Oskar Zięta


Exhibition in Krakow
Who said that a technology company cannot engage in art? At APA Group we prove that the worlds of technology and artistic creation can merge. 
In February we invite everyone to Krakow's GAGA Architecture Gallery for an exhibition celebrating the 10th anniversary of Oskar Zięta's artistic activity. He is an artist who combines aesthetics with technique in an original way. We were proud to patronize his work. 
Among the artwork, a mock-up of our smart building, the APA Black House, is also open to the public. 

We support medical services


Production of ozone generators
APA Group works for hospitals and other medical institutions. Together with the university of science and technology, we are constructing ozone generators, whose role during a pandemic is really important.
Since the beginning of the pandemic, together with our research partner, the Silesian University of Technology, we have been developing ozone generators that allow for quick and effective disinfection of rooms. Already 30 devices have been delivered to medical facilities. More are planned.
We are happy that together we can contribute to change for the better. 

Sport spirit


Running for a good cause
The strength of Apa Group is not only its engineering approach, but also the team's dedication and competitive spirit that contributed to something good.  
In 2020 we took part in the Poland Business Run. This is a run to help people with mobility disabilities, especially amputees. 
Another worthy cause was also Wings For Life, a competition where the proceeds go towards research for severed spinal cords.
We regularly have our representatives in obstacle courses such as Runmageddon or Barbarian Race.

Medical robot


A solution for difficult times during a pandemic
The COVID-19 pandemic has proven that hospitals are still short of qualified staff. Because we at APA Group believe in the power of technology, we suggested using a robotic assistant. 
It is an innovative device dedicated to the medical industry to relieve the workload of nurses and doctors. 
This project would not have been possible without the close cooperation between Apa Group with KUKA and the Department of Biomedical Engineering of the Silesian University of Technology

Foundation for Cardiac Surgery Development


Legacy of Prof. Zbigniew Religa
We believe in the possibilities offered by modern medicine. Therefore, we support activities that promote its development. 
In 2020 we supported the Foundation for Cardiac Surgery Development named after Prof. Zbigniew Religa. This is an organization that promotes, among other things, the use of modern technology to treat heart disease.

Rapping robot


At APA Group, we're proving that rapping is helping. That's why our robot supported the #Hot16Challenge2, which raised money for medics. 
We approached the topic in our own style - using the possibilities offered by... robots. Specifically, our KUKA model. It performed a song that encouraged people to donate money to the SIEPOMAGA fundraiser.
Thank you to notebooki.pl for nominating us for this challenge. The robot in action can be viewed here: LINK.

A match for health and life


Sports can save people 
Literally and figuratively. That's why the APA Group team willingly supported the little patient's dream.    
We are happy to have been part of Little Warrior Franek's support group in his fight for the world's most expensive drug. We auctioned off a charity friendly match with soccer stars - Piast Gliwice legend Jarek Kaszowski and his friends. 
Now we are just waiting for the situation to enable holding the football match.    

Bactericidal lamps


Instead of greeting cards
During the pandemic, priorities have shifted a bit. Therefore, instead of a campaign to send Easter greeting cards, we decided to donate funds to support the cancer center. 
We donated the amount of money we would have used to create and send the cards this time to the Maria Skłodowska-Curie National Cancer Institute, aka the National Research Institute in Gliwice. 
Employees in the Department of Clinical Analytics and Biochemistry put their own health at risk by testing indiscriminately for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. We asked them what they needed. It turned out that a germicidal flow lamp would be most useful to them in their daily work. The equipment has been ordered and provides protection for Gliwice medics today. 

We support technical sciences

as of 2019

Cooperation with the Technical University
We are strengthening the ties between science and business. The result is a successful cooperation with the Silesian University of Technology.

In synergy with one of the best technical universities in Poland, we promote internships, apprenticeships and dual studies. We are proud to have funded four labs.

In addition, we gave lectures to MBA students, and the UoT students had the opportunity to visit our technology showroom.

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