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Polish response to Industry 4.0

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Nazca 4.0 is a comprehensive sollution for managing and optimizing automation processes that allows you to maximize business benefits, see gaps and look at processes from a broader perspective.


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    Nazca is a universal technology that automates information flow management, which, in addition to Industry 4.0 functionalities, provides BMS, SMS and EMS class solutions within one platform.
  • Scalability
    Multiserver system architecture enables building a distributed system.
  • Clear interface
    Readable, responsive and adapted to the recipient visualization, allows for rapid analysis of large data sets, finding correctness and specific areas to optimize.
  • Versatility
    The universal and versatile nature of Nazca allows the system to be used in industrial solutions, large-area buildings and warehouses as well as commercial facilities.
  • analytics, Big Data
  • RFID
  • loT
  • mobile interfaces
  • additive printing
  • cloud computing
  • collaborative works
  • AI
  • system integration
  • advanced interface
  • process simulation
  • KPI
  • Virtual reality
  • intelligent sensors
  • predictive maintenance
  • system diagnostics

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