A hotel you want to come back to every time

Use solutions that will enhance good memories of staying at the hotel with your customers. Make customers come out with a smiling face and gladly come back to it.


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Optimisation of tomorrow

A hotel is more than just four walls and a comfy bed. A modern hotel should guarantee ease of travelling, work and attending business meetings. It should use the newest technologies and meet all digital needs of clients, who want to spend time outside of their house in a comfortable an intuitive manner.

Savings thanks to productivity


Effective management of a hotel and optimisation of spendings are the hardest tasks to be achieved by a manager. Smart technologies enable easy location of possible savings and deliver tools facilitating the work of managers and the stay of guests.


The best thing you can offer to the guests of your hotel are good memories

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Room booking

Integrating the Nazca system with your hotel system enables your guests to change booking hours easily and enables you to remotely prepare the room for their arrival.

Residence card issuance

Ensure your guests easy access to their rooms by scanning a QR code received in the reception.

Easy registration in a hotel

An intuitive app will allow your guests to open the parking entrance barriers though a QR scanner or in the app.


Comfortable stay

Enable your guests to control the lighting, temperature and other key functions of their rooms.

Ordering meals

Ordering food to be delivered to your room or booking a hotel restaurant table has never been this easy. Your guests are now able to do it on the go.

Additional functions

Calling hotel service and setting a “do not disturb” status is possible through a single click in the app.

Conference rooms

Conference rooms booking system allows for easy and effortless booking of such areas as needed. Moreover, controlling the lighting, air conditioning, heating or projector in a room is simple and intuitive.

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