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Smart office is an effective way to increase the value of your property. Invest in a management system for your office building that is not only convenient, but also makes the building safer while adding prestige. Above all, however, smart office saves time and money, which are elements vital for modern business. We implement functional solutions such as air-conditioning control and ensure reduction of energy costs in the office.

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Today office buildings are small towns. Shops, cafes, a banking point or fitness clubs - all these places are located in the immediate vicinity of the offices, creating a network of corridors and roads on which employees move daily. And all this packed with electronics and modern technology. To efficiently manage this space and optimize processes, your company needs tools that will allow you to monitor and analyze data. ApaGroup provides such solutions. Your company will certainly appreciate such a solution.

A management system for an office building, including air-conditioning control, can reduce costs, increase productivity and save time. It's also an effective way to improve safety and optimize service operations. Automation of office buildings means measurable benefits - you will save funds for training your employees or as much as 10 to 20 percent of your annual energy expenses. With the help of ApaGroup you can create a smart office for modern business.

For years we have been creating integrated office systems because we believe that a functional space supports the success of a company. Comfortable working conditions provided by, among other things, office climate control, translate into employee efficiency and job satisfaction - which in turn strengthens employer branding. However, remember that building automation is not only about controlling the air conditioning but also other technological solutions that allow you to create an office tailored to the real needs of your company or organisation. Cooperation with ApaGroup means a high standard of services and effective office building management so that you can focus on your business goals.

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Smart office

  • Lighting control
  • Presence control
  • Working time registration
  • Blinds control
  • Media monitoring
  • Air comfort control

A space without barriers

  • Visual identification
  • Light and verbal signaling
  • Integration with the Voice Alarm System

Room booking system

  • One-time or cyclical booking of conference rooms
  • Sending automatic invitations to participants
  • Information on the availability of rooms
  • Presenting online reports on room reservations
  • Access to the system via a website or email client
  • Displaying the schedule of organized meetings and information on room availability
  • Division into the organizer and participant and assigning specific rights as part of the reservations made

Parking reservation system

  • Save time looking for free space
  • Integration with room booking system
  • Integration with electric vehicle charging monitoring

Maximize security

  • Biometric access control
  • Passwordless authentication system
  • Secure exit and entry into the company
  • Modern methods of access authorization verification
  • Working time registration
  • Granting permissions/li>
  • Alerts on violation of zones by unauthorized persons
  • Integration with the alarm system, CCTV, ERP

Green side of the power

  • Less heat loss
  • More energy savings
  • No interference with nature
  • Watering automation
  • Integration with the weather station

Professional reporting systems

  • Advanced analytics
  • Open Data structure

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