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Perfect automation by APA

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Intelligent process control and building business benefits require precision, scale and synergy. That is why Nazca was created. A system that combines vision with performance allowing you to manage a building, a district, paint and even the entire city.

Get a full picture

Nazca is a comprehensive solution for managing and optimizing industrial processes and building automation that allows you to maximize business benefits, see gaps and look at processes from a broader perspective. It is a universal technology that automates the management of information flow, which provides BMS (Building Management System), SMS (Security Management System) and EMS (Energy Management System) solutions within one platform.

Outlined with the scale

The Nazca platform was designed to process large amounts of data. The multi-server system architecture enables building a geographically dispersed system. Each machine then performs a fragment of work, e.g. collecting information, handling logic, and storing data - thanks to this solution can work on many buildings on one platform. Easy maintenance and efficiency are Nazca distinguishing features!

Readability in every detail

Nazca not only works well, Nazca also looks great. Readable, responsive and adapted to the recipient visualization, allows for rapid analysis of large data sets, finding patterns and specific areas to optimize. It is the ease of interpretation and information provided in a transparent manner that are the system's greatest advantages.

Full potential of applications

The universal and versatile nature of Nazca allows the system to be used in industrial solutions, large-format buildings and warehouses, as well as in commercial facilities. Nazca is a platform that efficiently manages one or more buildings. The flexibility of the solution enables the integration of complex building, business and production systems, allowing the modeling of entire processes occurring in facilities.

This is how savings are made

Thanks to Nazca, enterprises and companies can optimize their processes obtaining measurable benefits and save up to several percent of the value of energy expenditure during the year. The scale of applications of the system and its universal nature mean that it can be used by both private entities and industrial plants computerizing their manufacturing processes. The nature of system savings is not only limited to the consumption of utilities, but also to financial benefits related to security, information flow or monitoring.

You can be sure

Nazca is where you are. All you need is any mobile device and access to the network to receive information from the system and have full insight into what is happening in the space that you want to improve. Wherever you are, remain calm, Nazca has everything under control.

You create a picture of activities

Nazca gives details the meaning. Thanks to the comprehensive information you receive, you won't miss a single detail. The system effectively combines them into one, coherent image, which allows convenient management of the building or factory and full control of the process.

Space takes on new shapes

Nazca is a system refined in the smallest details. This is due to our many years of experience in building automation, improvement of industrial processes and thoughtful functionalities. We have made sure that its operation is really comfortable and intuitive, so that you can enjoy comfort, and the space that you monitor has gained a completely new, prestigious dimension.

Nazca is an open system that supports all popular building automation standards on the market. It integrates directly (or via communication gates) the protocols: Bacnet, Lonworks, Modbus, OPC, M-bus, DALI, z-wave or KNX. Therefore, the user can easily expand it with the necessary devices or replace one protocol if necessary with another.


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