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Building automation

Woodward factory


System: Vision BMS

Customer: Woodward Poland Sp. z o.o

Project type: Business

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Investor problem: How to improve energy efficiency and work comfort in production halls and offices of a company manufacturing complicated control systems for the industry?

APA Solution



Control of electricity consumption and of the ventilation station control system using the Vision BMS system.



Woodward specializes in design and production of control systems for aviation, transport and power sectors. The specific nature of operation of the company requires comfortable work conditions and continuous monitoring of production costs. Thus, Woodward decided to implement the Vision BMS building management system. The system controls areas such as: the ventilation and air conditioning systems, electricity consumption and server room environment monitoring, including a module remotely informing about potential alarms.



Thanks to its modular design and scalability, this system provided the basis for future improvements and influenced the following factors:



  • Work comfort improvement

    The implemented ventilation control system allowed temperature readouts, valve status readouts, filter status readouts and heat recovery control. Thanks to its multi-functionality, it guaranteed maximum safety and comfort of use. Monitoring of the work environment in the main server room provided control over temperature and humidity. If values of this parameters exceed the specific threshold, IT specialists receive automatic information as a text message sent to their mobile phone.

  • Power efficiency improvement

    Company buildings have been equipped with electricity sub-meters. Thanks to their readouts, the system displays a detailed list of electricity consumption parameters for individual parts of the site. This, in turn, allows searching for potential savings and locations generating the highest energy losses. Thanks to the graphs, the user system may discover, for example, how much energy does the given circuit consume or when and for how long it had been used.

  • System expansion possibilities

    Thanks to the flexibility of the Vision BMS system Woodward gained the option of system expansion or modification, depending on requirements and needs changing over time. The modular design of Vision BMS allows expansion of both the central unit and of other elements of the entire system.




Technologies used

The project connected the Vision BMS system, responsible for:

  • control over the ventilation system in the hall and in three office parts
  • monitoring of electricity consumption by the site
  • monitoring of working environment of the main server room: temperature and humidity,
  • control over the lighting of production halls;




1000 rules were used to control the site.



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