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Automation and Robotics

Robotization of two twin stations



Implementation: Valeo Chrzanów

Project name: Valeo Touran

Contractor: Valeo Chrzanów

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Problem:  Assembly of the car lamps was done on the line by operators. Due to increased orders, the customer doubled its production volume. Operators were unable to meet the plant's demands.



The customer received a solution that met all the assumptions specified in the request for proposals. The lines were fitted with two robots per each line, lamp preparation systems and turntables to assist operators.



Main description


Operator assembles the housing and lens on the decontamination station and starts the automatic operation cycle. At the decontamination station, the operator's mounted workpieces are ionized and blown. After the cleaning cycle is completed, the housing and lens are picked up by the ABB robot and both parts are placed in the welding station (Branson). After the completed welding of the two components together, the entire lamp is transferred to the 3D measuring station. This lamp is handled by Universal Robot UR. When the measurement from the 3D station is correct, the ABB robot moves the lamp to one of 3 positions on the buffer pallet. Once all 3 positions on the buffer pallet are filled, the entire pallet is transferred to the oven using a rotary manipulator. The whole in the oven is heated for about 60 seconds, after which the pallet with the heated lamps is returned to the operator.





  • Automation of the manual process,
  • Acceleration of production,
  • Possibility to delegate employees to other tasks,



Technologies used


  • PLC 1512SPF-1PN,
  • ABB Omnicore robots,
  • UR robots,
  • Siemens Sinamics,
  • Euchner security gates,
  • SICK curtains,
  • Siemens TP1200 Comfort operator panel,

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