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Automation and Robotics

Robotization of lamp painting station



Implementation: Valeo Chrzanów

Project name: Valeo – Modifications to CNV1 station

Contractor: Valeo Chrzanów

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Problem: Lamp glass panes for the painting process were prepared by the operator. The customer, increasing the number of components produced, was forced to automate the paint shop area.



The customer received a solution that met all the assumptions specified in the request for quotation. Two robots have been installed on the line: a belt conveyor that transports the panes inside the station, and a new turntable.



Main description


Operator mounts two panes on a pallet. These pallets are mounted on a belt conveyor. Operator, confirming the loading, starts the station's automatic cycle and the conveyor transports the lamps toward the robot. The robot first retrieves both lamps from the conveyor and puts them in dedicated places on the turntable. Lamps prepared in this way are transferred to the paint station. After the painting process, a second robot picks up the lamps and deposits them in an oven, where a several-minute heating process takes place. The finished product is picked up by the operator and packed into special containers.




  • Automation of the manual process,
  • Acceleration of production,


Technologies used


  • Series 1500 PLC,
  • Two Fanuc robots,
  • ITEM belt conveyor
  • SEW Movitrac inverter,
  • Euchner security gates,
  • SICK curtains,
  • Siemens TP900 Comfort operator panel,

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