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System: Nazca
Contractor: Public administration
Type project: Smart City

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Investor's problem: Uncontrolled employee exits from the office and interruption of work time.

APA Solution



Use of RFID readers and cameras linked to Vision BMS to monitor entrances and exits.



An advertising agency is a place where there is always something going on. Employees are involved in a large number of projects, constantly battling time shortages and new orders. That is why it becomes so important to manage time wisely and make the best use of employees' competencies. However, the large number of business trips out on the town means that it is not always easy to control employees' breaks and monitor working time.


The solution turned out to be RFID access cards, which the employee had to put to the reader in order to get to the company or go out on the town. Thanks to this, the company's management could clearly see who and where is staying and whether the number of outings does not exceed the established standards (the employee could mark whether the outing is of private or business character). Linking the readers with CCTV allowed to eliminate any doubts - the camera image confirmed the employee's personality. Integration with Vision BMS system made it possible to manage the whole with one panel.



The solutions are integrated into a common camera and control system, controlled from a single panel





Technologies used


  • Proximity RFID card readers - access control
  • Calculation of working time in the form of summary tables
  • Video surveillance
  • Data export to human resources and payroll system

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