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Samsung – business showroom


System: Vision BMS & Nazca & SRS
Contractor: Samsung
Type project: Innovations

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Investor's problem: How to create a modern, functional and energy-efficient Samsung showroom which will be a very comfortable experience and unique place for visitors?

APA Solution



APA Group creates and implements an innovative design of the Samsung B2B Showroom, dividing the interiors of the building into zones corresponding to the areas of activity that are relevant to particular industries. APA uses its advanced technologies to make the building as energy efficient, modern and comfortable as possible.





Samsung, which is a business partner of APA Group, needed comprehensive support in creating a modern showroom, thanks to which it could present its technologies dedicated to various industries in an interesting and engaging way.

In order to achieve this, APA Group used the full metering of the building together with the remote control of particular building functionalities, such as lighting, sound, air quality as well as control of Samsung equipment located in the Showroom.

To ensure full metering of energy consumption, a meter cabinet was installed in the facility, which provides control in as many as 72 independent circuits and allows for precise determination of facility maintenance costs.





Technologies used


  • Control of all Showroom lighting fixtures (approximately 100 fixtures), almost all dimmable.
  • Sound control - division of the Showroom into 6 zones and independent playback of sounds from 6 different sources (e.g. speech synthesizer, radio, CD, plugged-in laptop).
  • Metering of energy consumption (cabinet with meters, control of consumption in 72 circuits, determination of building maintenance costs).
  • Control of Samsung air conditioners (5 indoor units of various types).
  • Control of Samsung monitors (several dozen pieces, including a wall of 16 monitors). 
  • Weather station.
  • Measurements of temperature, humidity and CO2 in different areas of the Showroom.
  • Motion detection in meeting rooms.
  • Door opening detection.
  • Control of 5 internal blinds.
  • IoT table with an advanced mockup.




In our modern showroom, business meetings take place in a unique atmosphere, therefore we encourage you to organize such meetings and we invite you to contact us.


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