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Media monitoring and optimization


Rosevia Resort


System: NAZCA

Customer: Rosevia Resort

Project type: Business

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Investor's problem: Increasing the innovation of the facility and the comfort of guests visiting the luxury resort facility.

APA’s solution

APA has developed a system capable of managing installations in 22 vacation homes with 82 suites.




Main description


The unique location of the site and its elite nature underline modern technologies managed by the NAZCA system, cooperating with the architecture and with the infrastructure. A range of facilities and protection measures have been implemented at the complex, such that the guests may feel comfortable and safe here, as they should during holidays.


Thanks to the NAZCA implementation, the site staff may manage each of the apartment independently, as well as the entire site. The system allows temperature to be read in each of the apartments and to control air conditioning-convectors, the floor heating and the convection heating.


Additionally, once a booking information for the given apartment is received, the system prepars comfortable air temperature inside for the day on which the guests arrive. It also controls external lighting of the site and facade lighting of the buildings.


Nazca is also responsible for monitoring of rainfall water pumping station and for 5 heat pumps made by Danfoss. It also increases site safety through CCTV monitoring, power generator monitoring, operation of network analyzer and observation of the UPS power supply. 

It also analyses SZR monitoring and informs the site staff about a fire or flood hazard thanks to smoke and water sensors. It also allows observation of electricity consumption and indicates the location where costs originate. The entrance gate, the weather station and the restaurant located in a separate part of the resort have been connected to the system in order to increase the overall comfort of use.



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