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Automation and Robotics

Logistics centre in Gliwice


Contractor: One of the largest online stores in the world
Project Type: Logistics
Location: Poland, Gliwice

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Investor's problem: Preparation and implementation of software for transport lines in the logistics centre in Gliwice.

APA Solution

Preparation of software compliant with applicable standards



The project involved the creation of a control system for parcel transport and sorting lines in the logistics centre in Gliwice. Vanderlande supplied the conveyor and sorter system, which totalled over 8 km in length. After receiving data on the performance of individual lines, programmers proceeded to prepare control programs based on the company standard. The next stage of work was to prepare communication with the Mercury master system, which manages the flow of material in the logistics centre.


The prepared software was tested using Emulate3D tools and the master system simulator. Emulate3D enables the so-called "virtual commissioning", i.e. simulation of the designed control system and conducting accurate tests in real time. This allowed to significantly shorten the time of system start-up in the facility.

The project also included the preparation of a security system with over 600 elements. All systems were visualized based on the Ignition SCADA platform. The visualization was prepared by SIT.


Work at the facility, in addition to implementing the prepared PLC programs, also included configuration of individual Profinet network components, parameterization of inverters, and configuration and setup of barcode reading cameras used to identify parcels.


The commissioning phase was followed by customer testing of the transport, safety and SCADA systems. Tests have shown that all systems operate stably and meet the design objectives. The required output of 30,000 parcels/hour was achieved, the systems were accepted by the customer and a production review period of several weeks began.







The goal of the project was achieved ­ the customer received a reliable system with high performance.




  • This is just one of our 20 or so projects for this supplier in Europe. A further three logistics centres are currently being commissioned and are based on the 1517F-3 PN/DP controllers from the latest Siemens series.



Project components



  • Siemens 319F-3 PN/DP PLCs

  • Profinet network

  • AS-Interface network

  • SICK Cameras
  • SEW and EATON inverters
  • Visualization based on Ignition Scada







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