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Showroom Black House

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Black House is the first fully smart home in Poland made from the ground up, constituting an embodiment of the ideas of APA Smart. The creative and interactive area aims to: present state-of-the-art building automation solutions and space management systems, show the products of our partners, implement and test innovative projects, as well as to show the practical dimension of APA technologies.

In APA Group, we create systems tailored to the user’s needs, delivering practical solutions in an interactive way. However, for most consumers our technologies are logical and useful solely upon getting the chance to try them for themselves; after they can touch, hear and see the tangible savings they bring. This is why we have created the APA Smart – the first concierge service in Poland, which supports creating smart spaces and selecting building automation equipment from various manufacturers.

In the creation of this service, APA focused on educating and helping clients seeking for comfort in everyday life. The embodiment of this idea is the APA Black House: a showroom for smart technologies in the form of a two-story building with multiple rooms, a mini-hotel for the guests and with a functional roof area, serving as a café. The building is not only a workspace for the APA team, but also a meeting point for open-minded people to exchange their innovative ideas. In its essence, it combines the aesthetics of the interior and the exterior – effectively attracting the attention of passersby – with modern technology alive under the surface of stunning design.

It is a creative and innovative space, something more than just a company headquarters or a model example of a smart house. It is a fully functional building, where modern solutions are implemented and tested in practice; a building that inspires, changes, surprises the guests with its functionality, and presents the ingenuity and possibilities of our engineers and trade partners.


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