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Safe Hardware Infrastructure Environment for Local Datacenter

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ApaShield is advanced hardware and software environment which allow for work of other apllications in one safe system. Platform ensure reliability, protection and stability of operations.

ApaShield is intended for all those who want to provide their applications with a safe and comprehensive work and work environment at every programming level.

Automatic back up let you be sure about your data:

  • automatic Backup Harmonogram,
  • automatic backup scripts,
  • backup data rotation,
  • Easy Access ( SAMBA , FTP ),
  • Multiple Backup Storage Recources,
  • Hot-Swap Backup Storage.

Advanced environment of virtualization gives many posibilities for data managing:

  • super I/O efficient Data Matrix ( M.2 RAID1 1TB and SAS RAID1 4TB ),
  • detailed environment monitoring system,
  • multiple VMs type,
  • automatic and safe Start/Stop all VMs,
  • emengency Stop/Reboot all VMs

Advanced routing/firewall/networking ensures safe data transfer:

  • redundand UPLINK1/UPLINK2 route switching,
  • 10Gb/s SFP+ fiber,
  • secured separate Vlan subnets for Users and Devices,
  • custom firewall rules,
  • dynamic access/block lists,
  • ADMIN access IP list,
  • easy setup and administration.


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