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Residence near Włocławek


Contractor: Private owner

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Investor's problem: How to increase the comfort and security of the residents of a private residence?

APA Solution



We create a cohesive living space using the benefits of smart building automation.




The investment in Włocławek is a project which included comprehensive implementation of building automation in a private residence.

The measures taken were of a modernising nature and included the recreation and living area, the construction of a 20 m long swimming pool, the addition of a garage for four cars and a glass tunnel connecting the garage with the house, and the terrace with a summer cinema and an orangery.

Some of the rooms were designed as glass rooms in the garden.

As a result of the synergy of all building automation devices within the Vision BMS system, a smart space was created that increases the safety of residents, their comfort of life and ensures ergonomic use of utilities.

Vision BMS was connected to security systems, energy monitoring, lighting and operation of gates and blinds, thus turning the residence into a friendly and modern home of the 21st century.



The system was implemented in the house of the owner of a development company, which in consequence resulted in new business orders for APA Group.





Technologies used


Vision BMS was used to operate the following building equipment:




  • entry gate and garage door system;
  • external lighting of the building along with decorative lighting of the facade and internal lighting of the facility;
  • control of fabric roller blinds;
  • alarm and monitoring management - 18 cameras in total;
  • monitoring and analysis of utilities consumption - reading network parameters and electricity consumption as well as operation of two heat pumps (reading of device parameters, pump control);


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