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Master energy and get real savings

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With NazcaBOX you can gain tangible savings on utility use, minimise energy losses and access areas generating unnecessary costs. All that thanks to the monitoring of functions of electrical devices, data storing and analysis of the gathered information.

Energy management in large office, service and industrial buildings is complicated and may generate substantial costs. This is particularly true in the current era of constant use of countless electrical devices, and the energy flow are characterised by spikes caused by the network load. APA has created a new product aimed towards real property owners, facility managers, machine manufacturers, universities and auditors concerned with energy management.

NazcaBOX is a compact device designed to monitor electrical energy. It’s mobile, easy to use and tailored to work in the Internet. We have based the product on our flagship product – Nazca platform, designed for the management and optimisation of building automation processes

While designing the NazcaBOX, we focused on the simplicity of installation and use. Connecting the device does not require disconnection of the electrical network to be monitored, and thanks to the mobile control through the Internet, the results of analysis are available to access wherever you are. The nature of the system makes it easy to move elsewhere and gather data from other measurement points.

Moreover, you can easily create a utility monitoring centre by installing the BOXes in multiple facilities and monitor the data from a single station. Bearing in mind the needs of our Clients, we have also prepared a lease service of the device, available with all adapters necessary for seamless connection.

NazcaBOX has been created with rigorous ISO 50001:2011 requirements in mind, describing the “energy management” notion and setting out the goal of effective management regardless of the form. The standard specifies the requirements for energy management system, enabling a business to systematically improve the energy use effectiveness with respect to all legal and other circumstances to be met by a company.

It is particularly vital in the energy dependent branch of industry or if a company has to meet greenhouse gas emissions requirements and regulations. The standard may function independently or be integrated with other management systems.

  • improvement of energy effectiveness
  • reduction of energy costs (energy use)
  • integration with other management systems
  • introduction of proper monitoring of energy management system in an organisation
  • compliance with legal requirements on energy effectiveness
  • reduction of greenhouse gases emission

The product is intended for:

  • auditors,
  • large size building administrators,
  • manufacturers,
  • universities,
  • ...and everyone aiming to reduce the energy costs.

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