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Smart home near Warsaw


System: Vision BMS 
Contractor:: Private owner
Project type: Single-family house

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In the first contact with APA Group via the form on the website, the customer indicated that he wanted his newly built house to be smart.



  • Creation of a dedicated BMS system for a single-family house, in order to increase the comfort of everyday life of the residents and to achieve savings in use.

  • Creating a personalized, intuitive user interface for full navigation and control of integrated systems.


In a telephone conversation with an APA expert, the customer talked about his needs and those of the other residents. APA expert, in turn, presented Vision BMS capabilities and functionalities that meet the requirements of future homeowners. After analysing the building’s plans and user needs, a comprehensive and personalized smart home management system was created.


In the initial valuation, the customer asked only for the systems necessary from his perspective: recuperator, air conditioning, integration with alarm system, surveillance, floor heating, audio system (multi-room), control of 4 curtains and automatic garden watering. However, in the course of work on the project, meetings with APA experts and the architect, the customer decided to extend the solution to provide the new building and its occupants with maximum security.


As APA Group cooperates with various suppliers of new technologies, the customer also chose RFID, an access control option with the possibility to open the door with the proximity of a phone.

Besides, the new house will have such functionalities as: flood package - integration with flood sensors, controlling water valves upon detection of flooding; controlling of shutters; awning control; on/off control, as well as dimming control (as many as 42 circuits).

Importantly, the house will provide full automation of power supply to electrical circuits. In addition, the house will have an advanced weather station integrated with each of the house's system components (rain detection will ensure that the blinds are closed, lack of rainfall will trigger the garden irrigation system, etc.)

The house will provide the possibility of controlling the heating and measuring the temperature, as well as controlling the media lift. The customer also opted for a SMS and email communication package and a central control station in the form of a 9.7" Ipad in a decorative Basalte frame.

The first quotation took into account the systems with which the building necessarily has to be equipped. However, it was in the course of discussions with APA experts, close cooperation with the architect and several brainstorming sessions that the customer finally decided on a system which would ensure maximum security for the occupants of the house and at the same time comfort of use.





Technologies used 


 The Vision BMS system implemented in the building contains the following functionalities:



  • Integration with Satel alarm (integration of 64 sensors);
  • Perimeter protection;
  • Gate package (garage + entry);
  • Camera package - 6 cameras;
  • Flooding package;
  • Blinds control;
  • On/off lighting as well as dimmable lighting - 42 circuits;
  • Heating / temperature measurement + control;
  • Recuperation;
  • Media lift control;
  • Advanced weather station;
  • Automation of power supply of electrical circuits;
  • SMS and email communication package;
  • Ipad 9.7" in decorative Basalte frame;



As we work with different technology providers, the customer was offered access control with the ability to open the door with the proximity of a mobile phone.



The following was additionally offered



The Vision BMS system implemented in the building contains the following functionalities:


  • 4 passages with time limitation of access to given rooms;
  • Anti-icing system
  • Garden irrigation / 8 zones;

Multiroom which includes:

  • 2 good quality ceiling speakers, invisible speakers hidden in the walls;
  • Access to the system from mobile devices. Zone management from a smartphone;
  • Possibility of streaming audio from different channels to a given zone (digital inputs, phone memory, home library running in the cloud, channels such as Spotify...);
  • Septic tank fill level sensor.

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