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Industrial robot laboratory


Customer: Silesian University of Technology
Project type: Robotics / Automation / Electrical
Location: Poland

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The start-up of a robotic laboratory at the Silesian University of Technology includes a design, connection and start-up of a station with KUKA robots.

One 7-axis KUKA (KR 16) robot is provided with a double pneumatic SMC gripper and it picks elements (elements of the working part of a pavement combined machine) from a table and applies them to the cutting head of the cutting element. The second KUKA KR 6 arc robot is provided with a burner of a welding system made by FRONIUS, including an anti-collision module.



The robot simulates welding of an element applied to the head by the KR 16 robot. The entire process is supervised by a SIEMENS S7-1200 controller installed in an additional control cabinet, equipped with a monochromatic HMI 5.7” panel.


  • 3D and 2D design of the entire robotic cell
  • KUKA robot installation
  • AXELENT fencing installation
  • Working table installation
  • Pneumatic gripper installation and connection
  • FRONIUS welding unit and anti-collision module installation and connection
  • Execution of the pneumatic installation, including compressor startup
  • Control cabinet pre-fabrication
  • PLC controller programming
  • Programming of two KUKA robots KRC4 KR6 arc, KR16
  • Visualization creation
  • Program implementation






Project components



  • Siemens S7-1214C central unit
  • Simatic HMI Panel KTP600PN 5.7’MONO operator panel
  • KUKA KRC4 KR6 arc, KR16 robots
  • SMC pneumatics (actuators, electrovalves)
  • FRONIUS welding unit
  • Fencing (AXELENT X-GUARD) with an EUCHNER safety lock
  • STANLEY compressor
  • SEW MOVITRAC inventers


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