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System: Vision BMS

Customer: CDN-STUDIO

Project type: Business

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Investor problem: How to turn a cube-style house from the communist period into a modern, passive house?

APA Solution



Vision Team introduces intelligence to a building from the previous period.



Can a building built in the communist times have a practical and a useful dimension? Can such a space be provided with smart automation, changing its nature? We made this metamorphosis possible for the TV show Dekorady, and change a cube-style house from the communist times into a truly passive, comfortable house of the 21st century.


Thanks to the APA Group system, house users could operate roller blinds, the floor heating, the entrance gate, internal and external lighting, including DMX lighting. Additionally, Vision was connected with readouts of energy, water, gas consumption. 

Moreover, the system was also integrated with a video intercom, a monitoring system, a Crestron sound system and with a weather station. To ensure full safety, some 230 V sockets in the designated zones have also been connected to the system.

This system implementation became a topic of the “Dekorady” TV show on metamorphoses of interiors.

Not only did the metamorphosis of the cube-style house increase the comfort of house use, but also allowed measurable benefits to be obtained as heat, water or electricity savings. Such solutions make the building safer, add prestige, save time and money.


Used technologies

The Vision BMS system implemented in the bulding allowed to:

  • Control roller blinds;
  • Control the floor heating and the central heating furnace;
  • System integration with the video intercom, the monitoring system, the alarm system and the sound system;
  • Control internal and external lighting;
  • Monitor the use of electricity, water and gas;
  • Control the entrance gate;



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