Marking of individual details with a unique code allows parameters of every step of the production process to be controlled, as well as verification and quick reactions when processing complaints received from end customers.



Stage I

The objective of this stage was to design and execute a hand-operated, mobile device for punching and verification of the Data Matrix code on an aluminum cast of the MQB steering column. The final result is to ensure continuity of the production process during a malfunction of one of the automatic marking stations.


Stage II, II, IV, V

The objective of these stages was to design and execute the equipment for fully automated marking of an aluminum cast of the MQB steering column and its integration with robotic pressure casting stations. The marking equipment includes two needle marking devices, two Data Matrix code scanners and accessories allowing the detail the be fixed during marking.



Project components


  • TECHNIFOR metal engraving devices,
  • DataMATRIX WENGLOR scanners,
  • Manual DataMatric WENGLOR scanner.


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