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Your industry. Reinvented.

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ApaIndustry is the construction, development and modernization of production lines as well as stand-alone industrial automation devices.

Optimizing production processes is our daily bread. The service activities of ApaIndustry cover a wide range of works related to automation and robotization of technological processes and provision of smart infrastructure. The main area of commissioned work are services including robotization of production cells, integration of robots into existing systems and optimization of production processes. Production process optimization has no secrets from us - we use our many years of experience to meet the expectations of our customers.

Our offer includes a wide range of services focused on specific customer needs related to the construction, development and modernization of automatic production lines and independent industrial automation devices.
All APAIndustry departments complement each other during project activities on many levels, thanks to which we can offer our clients comprehensive technological solutions at the highest level competing with the world's leading companies in the field of industrial automation.

  • Industrial displays

    They improve industrial processes by displaying messages and alarms.

  • Robotics

    Commissioning, modernization, optimization and development of automated production lines and robots.

  • Smart Speaker

    A unique industrial audio player on the market.

  • Electricity

    Design, construction and modification of electrical systems and low voltage installations up to 1kV.

  • Electronics

    Electronics for improving industrial processes and for displaying messages and alarms.

  • Mechanics

    Solid, hybrid, metal modeling, assembly and 2D and 3D documentation.

  • IT / Scada

    Collecting data about the controlled process and collecting them in a central database.


More than ten years of experience gained in the field of process automation and automation of production lines allows for the implementation of advanced projects with an individual approach to each client and the use of unique and unique technological solutions.

We know the best methods for modernization, optimization and robotization of technological processes and production lines. In addition, your choice of ApaIndustry means a world-class customer service experience. Our customer service procedure is as follows:


  • technical analysis of customer needs,
  • selection of appropriate technologies,
  • simulation,
  • risk analysis,
  • automation and robotization of processes,
  • tests,
  • project management.

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