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Adaptation of the assembly line for C5


Contractor: VW Poznań
System/Produkt: none
Location: Poland, Poznań

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Contractors problem: The client’s order was a comprehensive preparation of reconstruction of the drive system assembly line from the electrical and software side. The line was rebuilt in order to start production of a new car model “Caddy 5” for the end customer – VW Poznań.

APA Solution

At an early stage of preparation, APA joined in planning and agreeing on detailed functional solutions with the end customer – VW Poznań car factory. Based on its experience in this area of the production line, APA was able to quickly prepare a very large modification while maintaining the existing line functionality for the existing C4 (temporary) and T6PA models.



The VW Poznań factory started introducing a new model, “Caddy 5”, into serial production during the summer break in 2019. For the period of 1 year, until the summer break of 2020, the old model of Caddy 4 was to be produced on the same line. The main contractor for the modernisation of the drive system assembly line was MBN Sachsen. The modified area of the drive system assembly line consists of 10 control groups, including:

  • 2 loops of self-propelled platforms on which the driving units are assembled
  • automatic station for screwing front axle drive components
  • 2 fully automatic high bay warehouses storing and positioning the so-called rear and front satellites, i.e. pallets for powertrain components, used during the assembly process
  • 1 warehouse in the form of a circular buffer on 3 levels for the central satellite
  • 1 skid line, on which the various chassis and engine components are connected
  • 2 groups between the “wedding”, i.e. the connection of the chassis with the body, and the “divorce”, i.e. the turnout of the hanger with the car and the empty skid
  • 1 group on which shock absorbers are screwed and corrections made
  • top transport of hangers, which was the subject of another APA project

The main work, apart from building completely new stations on 10 production line cycles, also included the replacement of control cabinets for 3 controller groups and the replacement of Interbus network with Profinet network. APA has redesigned and redrawn the wiring diagrams in groups with the replaced cabinets and has carried out significant electrical revision and corrections in the other groups.

The scope of work also included cleaning the programme from the remains of the Caddy 4 model and dismantling unused installations. Some of the existing elements, such as the communication modules of RFID reading stations (Baumer Ident OIS-L) did not have a replacement for the Profinet interface and were therefore replaced by a completely new Siemens RF300 system. Old SWAC push-button operator panels have been replaced by Siemens 19” TP1900 touch panels. The new HMI solution required a new control concept for both new stations and old components.

During the migration of the security system from the PILZ Pnoz modules to Profisafe, a thorough revision was carried out, from which conclusions about the dangerous aspects were communicated and widely discussed with VWP.

Preparations for the project started a few months before the planned production break in 2019, which made it possible to prepare the program and the visualization application in the office. In addition, the launch of the client’s headquarters allowed to test and pre-optimise control algorithms and to prepare control cabinets beforehand.




The client managed to smoothly complete a large modernisation of an important and complex part of the production line, all while receiving orders from the end customer extending several points of the main contract. The end customer, by switching to Profinet and HMI touch panels, significantly modernised the operation of the production line on which the new Caddy 5 model is manufactured. In addition, during the revision and audit of the safety system, VWP will most probably order APA an upgrade in the EHB suspension group, which is aimed at improving safety, as well as simplifying and upgrading the control of the EHB bus supply circuits.


Fun fact


The project lasted for 2 holiday breaks – 2019 and 2020 – and included the largest scope and area among the projects carried out by APA on the VW Poznań assembly hall.



Used technologies:


  • Profinet/Profisafe
  • Simatic PLC S7-400, HMI TP1900
  • TIA Portal (HMI)
  • Encoders Leutze BPS 307i (bar-codes) and TR-Electronic (rotary)
  • SICK S3000 Scanners


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