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A modern, well- functioning and safe swimming pool


Contractor: The owner of the swimming pool

System/Product: NAZCA

Location: Poland

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The investor's concern: Following a planned renovation, the owner of the swimming pool approached us with a request to upgrade the existing safety and functionality management system of their facility. It was of paramount importance to him to have monitoring and management that would increase the level of safety and attractiveness of pool use.

The APA solution


At APA Group, we have implemented our key solution based on the NAZCA system. We have proposed a range of diversified functionalities for building management and minimising maintenance costs, as well as opportunities for end users.




Our approach


The first challenge was related to security issues, as health and safety rules are a particularly important consideration at swimming pools. As part of our implementation, we ensured that a reliable alarm system was used, with the facility for even remote arming and disarming.

Authorised users can now view the status of detectors, emergency lighting fixtures and fire dampers, as well as events and alarms. We have also included access control, both inside the building and outside (in the car park).

As the client's facility also includes a sauna, we upgraded it with an emergency button. This is intended for customers who may faint while using the sauna and want to signal this immediately.

The investor now has full insight into energy, gas and water consumption. This enables them to react better to fluctuations in demand during the day, and thereby make even better decisions in terms of business efficiency.

Pool parameters are also monitored on an ongoing basis, including chlorine levels, water levels, temperature, component failures, CO2 levels, humidity, and temperature. In addition, managers can monitor phase loss, receiving information on power failure. They are also provided with data on the operating status of air handling units, the generator and air conditioners. This translates into effective management of irregularities and the ability to react at an early stage in the event of non-compliance with established standards.

From the point of view of the target customer at the pool, a very important facility that we have provided with NAZCA is a reliable locker management system that keeps the likelihood of problems with storage equipment to a minimum. Also, by allowing those responsible for the maintenance of the building to control the heating remotely, the risk of the rooms getting too cold during a colder day is lowered.

Speaking of remote control, it is also worth noting that the Operator Station does not have to be on site and can also be accessed by visitors from outside. This is possible thanks to our intuitive mobile app.



Technologies applied

  • NAZCA platform
  • Room Reservation System (RRS)
  • Event logs for each functionality SMS/PUSH/email notifications of changes in settings, alarms/alerts and events
  • Possibility of integrating lighting with the audio system and performing scenarios (play of lights combined with sound)
  • Integration with photovoltaic and monitoring of the operating status of PV installations

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